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Need to drive improvement in your logistics? Supply Chain Solutions offers expertise in lean manufacturing to help small, medium and large companies.

Our Lean Logistics Assessment includes:

  • Lean principles introduction
  • Lean logistics training
  • Facilitation of value-stream mapping sessions
  • Inventory reduction strategies
  • Process streamlining

Whether you want to cut operating costs, reduce working capital needs, streamline processes or eliminate waste, Supply Chain Solutions’ lean experts can provide the education, training and processes needed to continuously drive improvement.


A comprehensive review of your business strategy and how it relates to your supply chain performance provides a solid foundation for our analysis and results. Detailed data collection and evaluation of current operational activities enable the development of business modeling and solutions.


Every customer is unique, so to provide the best solution for your business, our process design is also customized. Our supply chain professionals design hundreds of solutions using a variety of tools combined with industry experience. This results in an innovative and pragmatic solution for your challenges. Our logistics and process design will reveal that a successful supply chain network not only depends not on-site selection, but how global suppliers, customers and products can be integrated to create an efficient logistics and supply chain network. Our in-depth analysis also includes facility optimization – optimizing operations, transportation and inventory. End-use requirements and reverse-analyzing production, and supply are all used to determine the most reasonable site selection, facility design and transportation options.

Combined product distribution needs with existing technology architectures are used to determine the best system for your supply chain. All meet the required functionality and easily integrate with existing enterprise resource planning systems.


Our design team will communicate with you from concept design, to planning start-up, to specific operational systems, meaning your project will be completed on-time and on-budget with long-lasting impact. Our implementation includes: managing changes, initiating design and business processes, project management, measurement, and continuous testing. These improve future operational efficiency, which can only be achieved through effective people management, processes and enabling technologies – our end goals. It is the perfect implementation plan.


Designing an excellent solution is only the first step. SCS can also help you implement your plans and become an extension of your team’s execution and management of the supply chain. Our commitment to quality assurance and continuous improvement keeps your team and our team focused and efficient – and that’s how we lay the foundation for continued success. As your business becomes more agile, builds relationships with customers, and gains greater visibility in the supply chain, we know that we have achieved our goals.


How to adapt to shorter product cycles and delivery cycles is an ongoing challenge. That’s why SCS designs and implements better solutions to run your supply chain. Whether managing your domestic or international business, inventory or logistics, our solutions offer complete end-to-end logistics management.

Our supply chain operations tools and experienced team will give you complete control over your supply chain, from the raw materials of your suppliers to the consumption of your production line, to the delivery to your customers. By lending visibility into inventory implementations, you can reduce inventory holding costs, shorten lead times, and be more responsive to quick market changes.


While our solutions are designed to deliver results quickly, our commitment to continuous improvement is endless. Throughout the transformation of your supply chain, we will help you to continuously improve your standards that will deliver lasting business value. Process-based performance depends on carefully selected metrics that begin with the customer and continue to drive the desired results. We make metrics more meaningful, innovate and improve your supply chain performance.

How It Benefits You

A redesigned and well-tuned supply chain saved $2.2 million for client companies with fluctuating demand: A semi-trailer manufacturer adjusted their supply chain and increased their profits by 12%. A Fortune-1000 company reduced its $10 million in inventory by moving closer to a leaner, more flexible supply chain. We not only provide theoretical improvements to make people feel better, we can help you benefit in very tangible ways.